( pink converse, h&m dress, primark hat)
My eyes are closing by itself, I woke up 7:30 today and went to bed 2:00 last night, I really need to get some sleep... take care of my body a bit more. My radio is playing nice songs right now 'Magic'. It's so hot in here and I've got a blanket here with me.. haha good night x

35mm film

Few photos from the past few days.
camera vivitar v3000 © Stefany Alves

Espera na janela

Good night, I'm answering formspring questions, is really annoying sometimes due to the fact that the'more answers' button never works, anyway if you have any question you can ask me there or leave your question here in my blog and I will answer them! Tomorrow I'm going to collect my pictures then I will post them for you to see, I hope they will turn out good haha!

ps: As most of people send me emails about photography tips and 'London' shops I will do a 'London Guide' and 'Photography Tips' someday for those who likes it. I just need guts to start writing :/

Spent a week in a dusty library

(top from topshop, leggings h&m, sunnies primark, boots h&m, ring topshop)

In the meantime

© Stefany Alves

I love you until the end

There are more two kittens.

come to mama

It's 01:43 and I can't sleep, perhaps it's because I woke up late today, btw is pretty hot here and I just finished drinking a cup of latte and I keep listening to Camera Obscura, I wear pajamas and my hair is braided 'pigtails', the room is dark the only light comes from the computer screen and from the window, I hate how London's sky is always the same... I never see stars but the moon looks quite nice sometimes. I think I'm gonna go to sleep now.

Time for a break

(top h&m, bag+shoes+shorts from primark,necklace and ring h&m).

Last week photographs!, seems like summer is officialy here.. its consequence is 'allergy'. I really can't stop sneezing I need to get some air, so I've just opened the window and the breeze makes me feel much better. Tomorrow is lovely saturday'I got a film roll to develop, anxious to see the pictures :D

Colour my world

The weather today was really good, but I guess the heat made me feel
a bit tired, I was feeling really sick this afternoon, but hopefully I feel
better now, there's no college tomorrow so I suppose I will stay up late
today and watch a film, I just don't know which one.

Out there

(top from primark, pants + bag h&m, sunglasses from superdrug,mom's watch.)
I'm so stupid! I was trying to get the film roll out of my srl camera just by rewinding it, but I accidentaly opened the back of the camera and then GOODBYE pictures, just 3 came out! :/ ahhaa, but now I got a new film and I won't make the same mistake again. Today I went to oxford street then came back home with a box of chinese food yummy, I watched the film ' Babysitter Wanted' It's good actually I liked it. Now I go off to bed or maybe I might stay a little longer...

ps: I will answer formspring now, if you have any questions there you go

ph1. by me - croatia
ph2 me.

Hey bloggers, cloudy day today there's no sun at all it's a bit depressing .
But hopefully tomorrow is the best day of the week 'lovely saturday' and I've got some plans. xx

Today'song: Goodbye Mr. A - The Hooosiers


(jacket from gap, shoes + bag h&m,necklace camden market).
I just woke up at 9:45 am and had breakfast while watching power puff girls haha true! I'm alone at home and I love it, it's really sunny today so the house it's totally bright, It's a beautiful day! I gotta go to a exhibiton at 2:00sharp, I will have to help to prepare the space and hang some work on the wall..xx

What am I doing?

I just realized my lack of creativity, after looking inside my closet, I found these fake leather jackets and vest, gotta start buying different things.. haha. But I think that when you really like something you should buy more than one in different styles... agree? xx

La vie en rose

(dress from topshop, hat primark, shoes h&m, coat fom river island).

Boa tarde

(shirt from h&m, pants from primark,shoes h&m).
Hey! thanks for nice comments, I did not have a really nice weekend, basically
a good sunday, anyways I update more tonight. xx

Little love

© Stefany Alves


ugly girl trying to be funny.. oh lord¬

beautiful belts from second hand.

from h&m

zipper ring from portugal, animal one primark, other h&m.

jewelry most from h&m, topshop, accessorize.

Primark purse, h&m sunglasses.

I'm ready to go to bed, I'm yawning! btw this may sound bizarre but I like yawning and sneezing but I hate coughing,haha ok off I GO. x